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Thinner Plant

System for the chemical industries

Chemical Base Production

Chemicals play an important role in any chemical business sector, such as paint, plastic, pipes, man-made fibers, oil extraction, and others. This material is also dangerous if it comes into direct or indirect contact with the body. Apart from their risks, chemicals can also be used as preservatives, pesticides, plastics, and even clothing.


The entire chemical production and processing chain must be able to continuously innovate to improve the performance and sustainability of products and processes.


Storage, transport, dehumidification, dosing, temperature control, refrigeration, and process control are just some of the phases involved in the production process. This phase requires special machines and tools to produce products in a short time and in large quantities. Platindo Cipta Raya supports manufacturers by providing machines based on their needs.


Platindo Cipta Raya is always looking for solutions and innovations in all the projects it undertakes to create high-efficiency, environmentally friendly solutions that optimize the use of raw materials and consumption of energy resources and assist and provide support for the chemical industry in producing their products.